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Unrelated Errors of Samples in Marketing Research

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In marketing researches, various errors may occur. As stated in the previous article, these errors can be related to the samples or, conversely, not related to them. In marketing researches, the errors associated with the samples are not so high; however, errors not related to the samples are high and vary so much. Such that if the researcher does not find out these errors, then the whole marketing research would face big problems.

The Measurements and errors caused by it

One of the most common mistakes in research is the measurement error. This error can happen when the researcher intends to assign a number to the observed phenomena but, in this assignment, the error occurs, or the researcher intends to use a scale to measure the loyalty or satisfaction of the customers but it does not select the measurement scale correctly. When the measurement error happens, there is no doubt that the marketing research process is affected by this error. These errors occur in the researcher’s distraction state, such as a miscalculation or when the researcher does not have good scientific information, such as the wrong example of scale selection.

Wrong conclusions

One of the other common mistakes in the marketing research process is the wrong conclusion. One seller may increase his worker`s salary and, after about 6 months, he realizes an increase in his sales. In such a situation, he concludes that the increase in worker`s wage encourages his work, as a result, the sales increases too. However, this conclusion is not correct! These errors are considered as inaccurate conclusions, because in the example above, other conditions may also play a role in this increase as well, for example: market conditions or consumer preferences. These errors are due to the fact that unprofessional people rely on themselves so much in the process of marketing research. If we try to cooperate with the experts in such researches, the probability of such errors are minimized.

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