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Idea Consulting Clinic will help you expand your market in Iran! Of course, we have capabilities that can serve the whole world in the field of international marketing!

  1. Buyer’s Agent to buy from Iran

    Iran has many export opportunities. Many countries are interested in buying from Iran. Many foreign buyers are interested in buying various Iranian raw materials and industrial products. We, as Buyer Agent, can do this for you. We can represent you from Iranian companies before you travel to Iran. We can do all the market research work. We can collect the list of manufacturers of your desired product in Iran. We can arrange a working meeting with each of the Iranian factories on your behalf. We can collect catalogs and price lists and information of each Iranian factory on your subject. We can connect you to the business manager and sales manager of all Iranian factories. We can meet with all of them on your behalf and ask the terms of sale for each of them.

    One of the positive features of Buyer Agent is that before you buy from Iran, we will make all the arrangements for you. And you come to Iran on a short trip just to finalize the negotiations and the final purchase. We have the ability to turn you over to all industrial units in Iran. When you make your purchase from Iranian factories, we can inspect them before sending the goods. We can assure you that your shipment has been shipped. We can negotiate with Iranian carriers to ship your product at the lowest cost. We can constantly monitor the performance of your contracted factories. And dozens of other services that we will do as your representative in Iran. Please note we are not a broker! We are just a buyer representative.

  2. Marketing your products in Iran

    Idea Marketing Consulting Clinic can market all your products in Iran. We have a very strong marketing and sales team in Iran. We are connected to most of the major broadcast networks in Iran. We can easily distribute your product in Iran. Another part of the Marketing Consulting Clinic is the B2B marketing. Industrial marketing is another of our specialties. We can market all your products related to B2B market in Iran. For more than 7 years, our main specialty is industrial marketing. We can easily do market research for your company. We can sell your products in Iran as a seller agent.

  3. Doing Marketing Research Projects in Iran

    Marketing research is the first step to know competitors and analyze the market, actually marketing research is consists of some principles which makes your business related to the target market by gathering data and turn it into targeted information.

    Marketing Research Projects which we are able to perform:

    • Investigating volume, share and segmentation of the market 
    • Usage and attitude study (U&A)
    • Investigating the idea of products 
    • Investigate retailers and their audits
    • Investigate product’s price
    • Investigate quality and packaging of the product
    • B2B and B2C researches
    • Evaluation of mental image about the brand 
    • Investigate customer’s Satisfaction
    • Product testing at home
    • Evaluating advertisement before entering media
    • Evaluating effectiveness of the advertisement
    • Studying the possibility of producing a product from consumer perspective

  4. Doing Digital Marketing Projects in Iran and all over the world

    According to the researches, Google’s search engine searches for 9 billion words per day. Among these words, Persian searched words are around 280 million key words which clearly indicates a general increase in people’s reach for finding their daily needs through Cyberspace. The population of Iran is more than 80 million people; 57 million Iranians use cyberspace services (websites, etc.), and more than 45 million Iranians are members of the Telegram Application, and more than 587 thousand Farsi-language Telegram Channels are active that produce more than 3 million contents per day for their audiences. It is interesting to know that average Farsi speakers send and receive more than 15 billion messages only through Telegram per day. Due to the importance of the Digital Marketing discussion and Its increasing growth, Idea Marketing Consulting Clinic would help and assist you in the following areas:

    Look at these numbers!

    • More than 63000 people around the world are googling their desired content per second
    • People around the world google more than 3.800.000 word each minute
    • Among words which are googled daily 280.000.000 words are Persian words
    • Around 45.000.000 of Iranians are member of social medias
    • More than 587.000Farsi-language Telegram Channels are active that produce more than 3.000.000contents per day for their audiences
    • It is interesting to know that Farsi speakers send and receive more than 15 billion messages only through Telegram daily

    So what are these people looking for? How they can find their desire content? What’s their indicator for a good content? Answers of these questions and thousands of others are
    intrinsic philosophy of digital marketing. According to the importance of digital marketing and its growth Idea Marketing Research Institute will helps you by offering consulting services in international marketing fields by using digital marketing staffs:

    • Digital designing and reviewing the company’s visual brand identity (website)
    • Site optimization in search engines (SEO)
    • Google & Social Media Ads (Adwords)
    • Developing and implementing a social marketing strategy. (Social Marketing)
    • Providing complete services for publishing the contents for website and social media (Content Marketing).

  5. Design, monitoring and implementation of marketing plan in Iran

    All group and individual activities for the marketing of a product must be counted and formulated in specific formats, and activities without studying and planning should be eliminated. For this purpose, in marketing any product, it is necessary to prepare a program for that commodity with great care and attention and provide them to the managers to make the necessary decisions. A marketing plan or design is one of the important sections of the business plan. Therefore, the marketing planning process is considered as an important part of the organization’s planning and budgeting process. A marketing plan is a document or plan that outlines the company’s advertising and marketing activities for the upcoming year. Planning Markets explains what activities, when and by whom, should be done to achieve the objectives of the company’s marketing strategy. The firm’s consulting team will be along with you on the theoretical foundations for designing a comprehensive marketing plan by providing the following services:

    • Determining the vision and mission of the company
    • Determining the financial goals of the company in the comprehensive marketing plan
    • Internal and external marketing audit of the company
    • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats using the SWOT model
    • Determining the goals and strategies of domestic and international marketing
    • Determining the marketing budget and company advertising for the upcoming year
    • Estimating expected result and alternative programs

    Professional consultation of this part will be done by Dr. Bazazzadeh who has more than 7 years’ experience of consulting in different industries, he can helps you to compile and perform a comprehensive marketing plan.

  6. Marketing Consultant & write any business plan and feasibility study

    Marketing Consultant is our main specialty if you are a productive, service or distributive unit with lots of branches and representatives all over the world and you don’t know what is the best comprehensive marketing plan for your company, you can count on us! We’ll tell you how to expand your market in Iran and outside of Iran! We can write your business plan or or feasibility study if you want!

    Idea Marketing Consulting Clinic is able to perform:

    • Write a business plan

    Professional consultation of this part will be done by Dr. Bazazzadeh who has more than 7 years’ experience of consulting in different industries, he can helps you to compile and perform a comprehensive marketing plan.

  7. Doing quantitative and qualitative marketing research projects in Iran

    Idea Marketing Consulting Clinic is capable of monitoring and collecting market information using its expert human resources network throughout the provinces. It is worth mentioning that all the interviewees have been evaluated by the Marketing Manager’s team and their expertise has been verified. Marketing research has various types which cover all the research fields, Business owners are able to gain desired results in relation with customers and market, using marketing research.

    Different types of marketing research are:

    Quantitative Research: 

    • Face to Face 
    • CATI & TI
    • Web Survey / Mail Survey
    • Gang Survey
    • L.T
    • Mail Survey 
    • Panel Survey
    • Diary 
    • Retail Audit
    • Retail Census 
    • CAPI

    Qualitative Research:

    • Focus Group
    • Mini Group
    • IDI
    • Structured Interview 
    • Brain Storming 
    • Mystery Shopping 
    • Home Visit 
    • Shop Along 
    • Immersions 

    Desk research


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