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Idea Marketing Research Institute, with its specialized, young, dedicated and highly qualified teammates, is capable of designing and implementing a variety of marketing programs in the domestic and international fields. It is worth noting that the brand under the name of Mr. Visitor has been operating since 2015 and has managed more than 30 projects in different fields of production, distribution, industry and services in various provinces of the country as well as some neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iraq and ...

  1. Professional and expert questioners

    Idea Marketing Research Institute is capable of monitoring and collecting market information using its expert human resources network throughout the provinces. It is worth mentioning that all the interviewees have been evaluated by the Marketing Manager’s team and their expertise has been verified.

  2. Marketing research information Online monitoring

    One of the main advantages of the Idea Marketing Research Institute is that its counterparts are equipped with online monitoring system designed by Mr. Visitor`s team; which one of the main capabilities of it is to provide instant reports from across the country and the market being studied. All monitored information of the questioner is sent online to the company’s server and allows the employer to use any outputs from it in a second, for example, as follows:

    • Determining market share
    • Market segmentation
    • Specifying the size of the market
    • Studying the brand image and its position among the other customers
    • Evaluation of customers Satisfaction with the goods and services provided
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of promotional used tools
    • Analyzing and providing a variety of regional reports based on the requested location
  3. Professional sampling services

    The Logistics Team of Ideas Marketing Research Institute has made the sampling discussions, sample presentations and even promotional gifts across the country easy and possible at the lowest cost for any executive projects.

  4. Marketing Consulting Services Marketing Planning

    All group and individual activities for the marketing of a product must be counted and formulated in specific formats, and activities without studying and planning should be eliminated. For this purpose, in marketing any product, it is necessary to prepare a program for that commodity with great care and attention and provide them to the managers to make the necessary decisions. A marketing plan or design is one of the important sections of the business plan. Therefore, the marketing planning process is considered as an important part of the organization’s planning and budgeting process. A marketing plan is a document or plan that outlines the company’s advertising and marketing activities for the upcoming year. Planning Markets explains what activities, when and by whom, should be done to achieve the objectives of the company’s marketing strategy. The firm’s consulting team will be along with you on the theoretical foundations for designing a comprehensive marketing plan by providing the following services:

    • Determining the vision and mission of the company
    • Determining the financial goals of the company in the comprehensive marketing plan
    • Internal and external marketing audit of the company
    • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats using the SWOT model
    • Determining the goals and strategies of domestic and international marketing
    • Determining the marketing budget and company advertising for the upcoming year
    • Estimating expected result and alternative programs
  5. Branding consulting services

    Forecasting market changes, clever dealing with it, and exploiting existing opportunities are the only ways to turn the products and services of any organization into a strong brand in the market and gain market leadership. The Idea Marketing Research Institute identifies the untapped opportunities in the market by matching the analysis of customers, competitors and companies, and reveals the paths to success and profitability in the market by introducing these opportunities.

  6. Internet Marketing Consultancy and Digital Marketing

    According to the researches, Google’s search engine searches for 9 billion words per day. Among these words, Persian searched words are around 280 million key words which clearly indicates a general increase in people’s reach for finding their daily needs through Cyberspace. The population of Iran is more than 80 million people; 57 million Iranians use cyberspace services (websites, etc.), and more than 45 million Iranians are members of the Telegram Application, and more than 587 thousand Farsi-language Telegram Channels are active that produce more than 3 million contents per day for their audiences. It is interesting to know that average Farsi speakers send and receive more than 15 billion messages only through Telegram per day. Due to the importance of the Digital Marketing discussion and Its increasing growth, Idea Marketing Research Institute would help and assist you in the following areas:

    • Digital designing and reviewing the company’s visual brand identity (website)
    • Site optimization in search engines (SEO)
    • Google & Social Media Ads (Adwords)
    • Developing and implementing a social marketing strategy. (Social Marketing)
    • Providing complete services for publishing the contents for website and social media (Content Marketing).

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