Our colleagues

  • Seyed Hojat Bazazzadeh

    Founder and Managing Director

    Our beloved Iran enjoys high potential in various manufacturing, distribution, industrial and service fields. Our mission at Idea Marketing Research Institute is to support the Iranian products in domestic and international fields. Long Live Iran...

  • Mahdi Bazargani

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Iran has more than 80.000.000 population, 57.000.000 of Iranians use social medias (Websites and...). Almost 45.000.000 of Iranians are Telegram members, Persian active Telegram Channels are more than 587000. However what's Iranian Brands' position in more than daily Googling? 

  • Seyed Amin Hosseini

    Marketing Research Software Manager

    When I see Iranian live business and companies and many workers return to their works I will be overwhelmed with affection, Long Live Iranian Production  

  • Hossein Soleimani

    Administration Manage

    Considering the purpose of creating business, modeling is one of the main factors of development and implementation. First step for implementing modeling for business' which have been created, business' working with technology and business' dependent to the Internet and new business' is modeling distinction